Windows Illuminate Much Better Than Walls

The only leaders we have are our principles...If we are not led by our principles we are led by our noses.


I was given eyes that saw my allegiance to the state as a source of great strength and identity,

and that this state was better than any other in the world, Now through wiser eyes I find

the only state where anyone lives, is in their state of mind

Let it be one where reason is stronger than rationale and every person is a peer,

where we embrace our brothers, and war is waged on fear


So, united we stand, divided we fall.  Some say God bless America, I say Bless Us All. 

Let a new window open that shines great light on all lands and if tomorrow is frightening then we’ll go there holding hands

And standing tall and a little more wise,  We’ll bless the day and our brother’s eyes.