The Artist and Project Creator



Michael Tarlton Bond, aka Tarlton, is a self-taught watercolor artist.  A native of New Mexico, Tarlton grew up on a ranch in SW Colorado and attended the University of Northern Colorado where he studied Geography.  Over the past 30 years, he has executed commissioned pieces around the globe for a variety of corporations and individuals.  His aficionados include Armand Hammer, Johnny Carson, Ed Romero-US Ambassador to Spain under the Clinton administration, and others.

"Surround yourself with beauty.  It is your natural environment.  The only true strengths humans have are the ability to create and share beauty and give aid.   They are the purpose and identity of every human.

Beauty in its highest form is not expressed through paint, song or dance, but through our interactions." 

The paintings represented here are all transparent watercolor.

Copyright 1986-2017 Tarlton